Specifies the fileref of the file or aggregate file location to which graphics stream file records are written.
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Host File Options window
Restriction: Not valid for IBM32xx, linkable, Metagraphics, Java, or ActiveX drivers.




Parameter Values

specifies a fileref that points to the destination for the graphics stream file (GSF) output. Fileref must be a valid SAS fileref up to eight characters long and must be assigned with a FILENAME statement before running a SAS/GRAPH procedure that uses that fileref. The destination specified by the FILENAME statement can be either a specific file or an aggregate file location. See FILENAME Statement for additional information about the FILENAME statement.


Whether the resulting graphs are stored as one file or many files depends on both the type of destination and the setting of the GSFMODE= option.
If you specify a fileref with GSFNAME= and forget the FILENAME statement that defines the fileref, and if a destination is specified by the GACCESS= graphics option or device parameter, SAS/GRAPH assigns that destination to the fileref and sends the graphics output there. See also GACCESS.
See Specifying the Graphics Output File Type for Your Graph for more information about creating graphics stream files.