Specifies the number of pixels to move before drawing the next line in a software fill of a solid area.
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Parameters window
Default: device-dependent
Restriction: not supported by Java or ActiveX




FILLINC= 0...9999


In order for FILLINC to have any effect, a software fill must be used. To force a software fill, use the options NOFILL, NOPIEFILL, and NOPOLYGONFILL in a GOPTIONS statement.
If FILLINC is set to 0 or 1, adjacent lines are used (solid fill with no gaps). If FILLINC is set to 2, a pixel-width line is skipped before drawing the next line of a fill.
This option can be useful for keeping plotters from over saturating a solid area and for speeding the plotting. Some inks spread on paper. The type of paper used can also affect ink spread.