Specifies the height of the addressable graphics display area; affects the vertical resolution of the device and the vertical dimension of the graphics output area.
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Detail window
Restrictions: ignored by default display drivers and universal printing drivers

not supported by Java or ActiveX





YMAX=height <IN | CM | PT>

Parameter Values

is a positive number that can be followed by a unit specification, either IN for inches (default), or CM for centimeters, or PT for points. If you do not specify YMAX, a default height is searched for in this order:
  1. the height specification on an OPTIONS PAPERSIZE setting
  2. YMAX in the device entry catalog.
If YMAX=0, default behavior is used. If both YMAX and PAPERSIZE have been specified on GOPTIONS, the last request is used.

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