PUSH Function

Adds current (XLAST, YLAST) and (XLSTT, YLSTT) values to the LIFO stack.




The LIFO (last-in-first-out) stack is a storage area where you can keep internal coordinate values for later use by utility functions without recalculating those values. LIFO stacks manage the stored data so that the last data stored in the stack is the first data removed from the stack.
Use the stack to save the current values of (XLAST, YLAST) and (XLSTT, YLSTT) and use them with functions later in the DATA step. You store and retrieve these values from the stack with the PUSH and POP functions. The PUSH function copies the current values of XLAST, YLAST, XLSTT, and YLSTT onto the stack. The POP function copies values from the stack into XLAST, YLAST. XLSTT, and YLSTT.