Sets the current and maximum number of copies to print.
Used by: GOPTIONS statements, GDEVICE Parameters window, GDEVICE procedure, OPTIONS statement
Default: GOPTIONS: GCOPIES=(0,20)


Restriction: not supported by Java or ActiveX


GOPTIONS: GCOPIES=(<current-copies> <,max-copies> )
GDEVICE: GCOPIES=current-copies

Parameter Values

is a nonnegative integer ranging from 0 through 255, but it cannot exceed the max-copies value specified. A value of 0 or 1 produces a single copy.
is a nonnegative integer ranging from 1 through 255.


If you do not specify GCOPIES, a default number of copies is searched for in this order:
  1. the number of copies specified on an OPTIONS COPIES setting
  2. 0 current copies, and 20 maximum copies.
Not all devices have the capability to print multiple copies. See the Gcopies field in the Parameters window for your device to determine its capabilities.