Specifies the number of the transformation to be used
Operating state: GKOP, SGOP, WSAC, WSOP
Default: 0


return-code-variable=GSET('TRANSNO', n);

Required Argument

numeric constant or numeric variable name; indicates the viewport, or the window to activate, or both. Should correspond to the n used in the GSET('VIEWPORT', . . . ) or GSET('WINDOW', . . . ) functions, or both. Valid values are 0 to 20, inclusive.

Return Codes

This function returns:


The GSET('TRANSNO', . . . ) function activates the viewport, or the window that you have defined for the specified transformation number, or both. If you have not defined both a viewport and window for a transformation, the default is used for the one missing.
You can select 0 as the active transformation, but you cannot define a viewport or window for that transformation number. A transformation of 0 activates the default viewport, (0,0) to (1,1), and window, which is device dependent.