STYLE Variable (Fonts)

Specifies a font for text or symbols produced by the LABEL or SYMBOL functions.
Type: character
Length: Depends on specification.
Default: default device-resident font
Restriction: Partially supported by ActiveX and not supported by Java


STYLE='font-specification' | 'NONE';

Variable Values

specifies a font. You can specify a GRSEG catalog entry that is supplied by SAS (for example, CENTB) or a system font that is available in your operating environment. A device-resident font can be specified by using either of these forms:
  • HWxxxnn
  • font-name
specifies the default device-resident font.


When the STYLE variable is used with the SYMBOL function, it behaves the same as the FONT= option in the SYMBOL statement. By default, no font is specified and the symbol that is specified by the TEXT variable is taken from the special symbol table. If you use STYLE to specify a symbol font, such as Marker, the string that is assigned by the TEXT variable is the character code for a symbol. If you use STYLE to specify a text font, such as Swiss, the string assigned by the TEXT variable is displayed as text. See the FONT= option of the SYMBOL statement for details.
Note: Java does not support the STYLE variable. However, you can use special symbols from the MARKER font by using the SYMBOL function.
See Specifying Fonts in SAS/GRAPH Programs for more information about specifying fonts.
If the value of the STYLE variable is missing, SAS/GRAPH software searches for a font specification in this order:
  1. the font specified by the FTEXT= graphics option
  2. the device-resident font, if the device supports one
  3. the SIMULATE font.