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The G3GRID Procedure

Example 3: Partial Spline Interpolation

Procedure features:

GRID statement options:



Data set: NUMS (see Using the Default Interpolation Method)
Sample library member: GTGPART

This example specifies a partial spline interpolation on the GRID statement, using the eight nearest neighbors for computing the estimates of the first, and second derivatives. The output data set, when used in PROC G3D:

Surface Plot using Partial Spline Interpolation (gtgpart)

[A Surface Plot Generated After Partial Interpolation]

 Note about code
goptions reset=all border;
 Note about code
proc g3grid data=nums out=partial;
   grid y*x=z / partial
                axis1=-5 to 5 by .5
                axis2=-5 to 5 by .5;
 Note about code
title "Surface Plot using Partial Spline Interpolation";
 Note about code
proc g3d data=partial;
   plot y*x=z;

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