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SAS/GRAPH 9.2: Reference, Second Edition

The GREPLAY Procedure

Procedure Syntax
? Statement
BYLINE Statement
CC Statement
CCOPY Statement
CDEF Statement
CDELETE Statement
CMAP Statement
COPY Statement
DELETE Statement
DEVICE Statement
FS Statement
GOUT Statement
GROUP Statement
IGOUT Statement
LIST Statement
MODIFY Statement
MOVE Statement
NOBYLINE Statement
PREVIEW Statement
QUIT Statement
REPLAY Statement
TC Statement
TCOPY Statement
TDEF Statement
TDELETE Statement
TEMPLATE Statement
TREPLAY Statement
Using the GREPLAY Procedure Windows
Running the GREPLAY Procedure Using Code-based Statements
Replaying Catalog Entries
Creating Custom Templates
Replaying Graphics Output in a Template
Creating Color Maps
Example 1: Creating a Template
Example 2: Replaying GSLIDE Procedure Output in a Template
Example 3: Replaying Graphs Into a Template
Example 4: Creating a Color Map

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