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SAS/GRAPH Statements

Example 1. Ordering Axis Tick Marks with SAS Date Values


AXIS statement options:




FOOTNOTE statement option:


SYMBOL statement options:



GOPTIONS statement options:


Sample library member: GAXTMDV1

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This example uses SAS datetime values with an AXIS statement's ORDER= option to set the major tick marks on the horizontal axis. It adjusts the position of the first and last major tick marks.

The example also uses HILOCTJ interpolation in a SYMBOL statement to join minimum and maximum values.

Set the graphics environment.. BORDER draws a border around the graph.

goptions reset=all border;

Create the data set. DOWHLC contains the high, low, and close values of the Dow Jones Industrial index for each business day for a month.

data dowhlc;
     input date date9. high low close;
     format date date9.;
02JAN1997   6511.38  6318.96  6442.49
03JAN1997   6586.42  6437.10  6544.09
06JAN1997   6647.22  6508.30  6567.18
07JAN1997   6621.82  6481.75  6600.66
08JAN1997   6650.30  6509.84  6549.48
09JAN1997   6677.24  6520.23  6625.67
10JAN1997   6725.35  6530.62  6703.79
13JAN1997   6773.45  6647.99  6709.18
14JAN1997   6816.17  6689.94  6762.29
15JAN1997   6800.77  6669.93  6726.88
16JAN1997   6818.47  6688.40  6765.37
17JAN1997   6863.88  6732.66  6833.10
20JAN1997   6839.13  6777.30  6843.87
21JAN1997   6934.69  6771.14  6883.90
22JAN1997   6913.14  6801.16  6850.03
23JAN1997   6953.55  6724.19  6755.75
24JAN1997   6798.08  6629.91  6696.48
27JAN1997   6748.82  6598.73  6660.69
28JAN1997   6823.48  6612.20  6656.08
29JAN1997   6673.39  6627.98  6740.74
30JAN1997   6845.03  6719.96  6823.86
31JAN1997   6912.37  6769.99  6813.09

Prepare the data for a high-low plot. DOWHLC2 generates three records for each date, storing each date's high, low, and close values in variable DOW.

data dowhlc2;
   set dowhlc;
   drop high low close;
   dow=high; output;
   dow=low; output;
   dow=close; output;

Define titles and footnote. JUSTIFY=RIGHT in the FOOTNOTE statement causes the footnote to be displayed in the bottom right.

title1 "Dow Jones High-Low-Close";
title2 "January, 1997";
footnote justify=right "GAXTMDV1 ";

Define symbol characteristics. INTERPOL=HILOCTJ specifies that the minimum and maximum values of DOW are joined by a vertical line with a horizontal tick mark at each end. The close values are joined by straight lines. The CV= option controls the color of the symbol. The CI= and WIDTH= options control the color and the thickness of the line that joins the close points.

symbol interpol=hiloctj

Define characteristics of the horizontal axis. The ORDER= option uses a SAS date value to set the major tick marks. The OFFSET= option moves the first and last tick marks to make room for the tick mark value.

axis1 order=("30DEC1996"d to "03FEB1997"d by week)
      label=none ;

Define characteristics of the vertical axis. LABEL=NONE suppresses the AXIS label.


Generate the plot and assign AXIS definitions. The HAXIS= option assigns AXIS1 to the horizontal axis, and the VAXIS= option assigns AXIS2 to the vertical axis.

proc gplot data=dowhlc2;
   plot dow*date / haxis=axis1

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