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The G3D Procedure

PROC G3D Statement

Can identify the data set that contains the plot variables. Can also specify an annotate data set and an output catalog.


PROC G3D <DATA=input-data-set>


Proc G3D statement options affect all graphs produced by the procedure.


specifies an annotate data set to annotate all of the graphs that are produced by the G3D procedure. To annotate individual graphs, use the ANNOTATE= option in the action statement.

Alias: ANNO=
See also: Using Annotate Data Sets

specifies the SAS data set that contains the variables to plot. By default, the G3D procedure uses the most recently created SAS data set.

See also: SAS Data Sets and The Input Data Set

specifies the SAS catalog in which to save the graphics output that is produced by the G3D procedure. If you omit the libref, the output is placed in the temporary catalog WORK.GSEG. The temporary output catalog is created if it doesn't already exist.

See also: SAS/GRAPH Output

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