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Introduction to SAS/GRAPH Software

Device-Based Graphics and Template-Based Graphics

SAS/GRAPH produces graphics using two very distinct systems. SAS/GRAPH can produce output using a device-based system or using a template-based system. The traditional system for producing graphics output that most users are familiar with is the device-based system.

device-based graphics

are SAS/GRAPH output that is generated by a default or user-specified device (DEVICE= option). Device drivers supplied by SAS are stored in the SAS/GRAPH catalog. Examples of device drivers are GIF, PNG, ACTIVEX, SVG, and SASPRTC. Most procedures that produce device-based graphics also produce GRSEG catalog entries in addition to any image files that are produced. Common SAS/GRAPH procedures that produce device-based graphics and GRSEG catalog entries include the GCHART, GPLOT, GMAP, GBARLINE, GCONTOUR, and G3D procedures. The device-based procedures that do not produce GRSEG catalog entries are the GAREABAR, GKPI, and GTILE procedures. For device-based graphics, you can use the GOPTIONS statement to control the graphical environment.

template-based graphics

are SAS/GRAPH output that is produced from a compiled ODS template of type STATGRAPH. Templates supplied by SAS are stored in SAS/GRAPH. Device drivers and most global statements (such as SYMBOL, PATTERN, AXIS, and LEGEND) have no effect on template-based graphics. The SAS/GRAPH procedures that produce template-based graphics are the SGPLOT, SGPANEL, SGSCATTER, and SGRENDER procedures. Many SAS/STAT, SAS/ETS, and SAS/QC procedures also produce template-based graphics when you specify the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement. (Template-based graphics are frequently referred to as ODS graphics.) Template-based graphics are always produced as image files and never as GRSEG catalog entries. For template-based graphics, you must use the ODS GRAPHICS statement to control the graphical environment.

The SAS/GRAPH: Reference, Second Edition contains information about device-based graphics only. For information about template-based graphics, see SAS/GRAPH: Statistical Procedures Guide and SAS/GRAPH: Graph Template Language Reference.

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