Generate the KPI chart. Specify the segment boundaries, actual KPI value, and target value. In this case, the target value falls on a segment boundary. The NOLOWBOUNDARY option specifies that the KPI chart behaves as if the actual KPI value falls in the higher range segment. The AFONT= and BFONT= options specify the fonts for the actual value and the boundary segment values, respectively. The FORMAT= option specifies the SAS format for the values in the chart.

proc gkpi mode=raised;
dial actual=.46 bounds=(0 .23 .46 .65 .79 1) /
   target=.9  nolowbound  format="percent8.0"
   afont=(f="Albany AMT" height=.5cm)
   bfont=(f="Albany AMT" height=.4cm) ;