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The GBARLINE Procedure

Example 1: Producing a Basic Bar-Line Chart

Procedure Features:

BAR statement options:


PLOT statement options:


[GBLSTOCK-Creating a simple bar line chart]

This example produces a basic bar-line chart showing the volume and closing price for each of five days of trading activity on the New York Stock Exchange. The vertical bars indicate the volume using the left (chart) response axis, and the line plot shows the closing price. This graph uses the statistical style.

 Note about code
goptions reset=all border;
 Note about code
title1 "NYSE Closing Price and Volume - 2002";
 Note about code
data nyse;
   format Day date7.;
   format High Low Close comma12.;
   format Volume comma12.;
   input Day date7. High Low Close Volume;

01AUG07 10478.76 10346.24 10426.91 1908809
02AUG07 11042.92 10298.44 10274.65 1807543
05AUG07 10498.22 10400.31 10456.43 1500656
06AUG07 10694.47 10636.32 10762.98 1498403
07AUG07 10801.12 10695.13 10759.48 1695602
 Note about code
proc gbarline data=nyse;
bar day / discrete sumvar=volume space=4;
plot / sumvar=close;

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