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SAS/GRAPH 9.2: Reference, Second Edition

The GMAP Procedure

Procedure Syntax
PROC GMAP Statement
ID Statement
AREA Statement
BLOCK Statement
CHORO Statement
PRISM Statement
SURFACE Statement
Using FIPS Codes and Province Codes
Using Formats for Map Variables
Using SAS/GRAPH Map Data Sets
Example 1: Producing a Simple Block Map
Example 2: Specifying Response Levels in a Block Map
Example 3: Assigning a Format to the Response Variable
Example 4: Specifying the Statistic for the Response Variable
Example 5: Producing a Simple Choropleth Map
Example 6: Labeling Provinces on a Map
Example 7: Producing a Simple Prism Map
Example 8: Specifying Midpoints in a Prism Map
Example 9: Producing a Simple Surface Map
Example 10: Rotating and Tilting a Surface Map
Example 11: Creating a Map Using the Feature Table

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