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The FSLETTER Procedure


The FSLETTER procedure enables you to create, edit, and print letters and other documents. When creating and editing documents in the FSLETTER window, you can use all the features of the SAS text editor, including the spelling checker.

Your FSLETTER documents can include named fields. When the document is printed, you can fill in these fields manually, or the procedure can fill the fields automatically using values from a SAS data set. This is convenient for creating and maintaining form letters, for example. You can print individual copies of the document, or you can automatically print a copy for every observation in a data set.

You can enter the FSLETTER procedure from the FSBROWSE and FSEDIT procedures. See FSEDIT Window Commands for details about the LETTER, EDIT, and SEND commands that enable you to do this.

Note:   You can also open the FSLETTER window by issuing an FSLETTER command from any SAS System command line.  [cautionend]

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