About Investment Analysis

The Investment Analysis system is an interactive environment for the time-value of money of a variety of investments:

  • loans

  • savings

  • depreciations

  • bonds

  • generic cashflows

Various analyses are provided to help analyze the value of investment alternatives: time value, periodic equivalent, internal rate of return, benefit-cost ratio, and breakeven analysis.

These analyses can help answer a number of questions you may have about your investments:

  • Which option is more profitable or less costly?

  • Is it better to buy or rent?

  • Are the extra fees for refinancing at a lower interest rate justified?

  • What is the balance of this account after saving this amount periodically for so many years?

  • How much is legally tax-deductible?

  • Is this a reasonable price?

Investment Analysis can be beneficial to users in many industries for a variety of decisions:

  • manufacturing: cost justification of automation or any capital investment, replacement analysis of major equipment, or economic comparison of alternative designs

  • government: setting funds for services

  • finance: investment analysis and portfolio management for fixed-income securities