SAS/STAT Software

SAS/STAT software is of interest to users of SAS/ETS software because many econometric and other statistical methods not included in SAS/ETS software are provided in SAS/STAT software.

SAS/STAT software includes procedures for a wide range of statistical methodologies including the following:

  • logistic regression

  • censored regression

  • principal component analysis

  • structural equation models using covariance structure analysis

  • factor analysis

  • survival analysis

  • discriminant analysis

  • cluster analysis

  • categorical data analysis; log-linear and conditional logistic models

  • general linear models

  • mixed linear and nonlinear models

  • generalized linear models

  • response surface analysis

  • kernel density estimation

  • LOESS regression

  • spline regression

  • two-dimensional kriging

  • multiple imputation for missing values

  • survey data analysis