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The X12 Procedure

Syntax: X12 Procedure

The X12 procedure uses the following statements:

PROC X12 options ;
VAR variables ;
BY variables ;
ID variables ;
EVENT variables ;
USERDEFINED variables ;
TRANSFORM options ;
ADJUST options ;
IDENTIFY options ;
AUTOMDL options ;
OUTLIER options ;
REGRESSION options ;
INPUT variables ;
ARIMA options ;
ESTIMATE options ;
X11 options ;
FORECAST options ;
OUTPUT options ;
TABLES options ;

The PROC X12 statements perform basically the same function as the Census Bureau’s X-12-ARIMA specs. Specs (specifications) are used in X-12-ARIMA to control the computations and output. The PROC X12 statement performs some of the same functions as the Series spec in the Census Bureau’s X-12-ARIMA software. The ADJUST statement performs some of the same functions as the Transform spec. The TRANSFORM, IDENTIFY, AUTOMDL, OUTLIER, REGRESSION, ARIMA, ESTIMATE, X11, and FORECAST statements are designed to perform the same functions as the corresponding X-12-ARIMA specs, although full compatibility is not yet available. The Census Bureau documentation X-12-ARIMA Reference Manual (U.S. Bureau of the Census; 2001b) can provide added insight to the functionality of these statements.

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