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Window Reference

Time Series Forecasting Window

The Time Series Forecasting window is the main application window that appears when you invoke the Time Series Forecasting System. It enables you to specify a project file and an input data set and provides access to the other windows described in this chapter.


Controls and Fields


is the name of the SAS catalog entry in which forecasting models and other results will be stored and from which previously stored results are loaded into the forecasting system. You can specify the project by typing a SAS catalog entry name in this field or by selecting the Browse button to right of this field. If you specify the name of an existing catalog entry, the information in the project file is loaded. If you specify a one-level name, the catalog name is assumed to be fmsproj and the library is assumed to be sasuser. For example, samproj is equivalent to sasuser.fmsproj.samproj.

Project Browse button

opens the Forecasting Project File Selection window to enable you to select and load the project from a list of previously stored projects.


is a descriptive label for the forecasting project. The description you type in this field will be stored with the catalog entry shown in the Project field.

Data Set

is the name of the current input data set. To specify the input data set, you can type the data set name in this field or use the Browse button to the right of the field.

Data set Browse button

opens the Data Set Selection window to enable you to select the input data set.

Time ID

is the name of the ID variable for the input data set. To specify the ID variable, you can type the ID variable name in this field or use the Select button. If the time ID variable is named date, time, or datetime, it is automatically picked up by the system.

Select button

opens the Time ID Variable Specification window.

Create button

opens a menu of choices of methods for creating a time ID variable for the input data set. Use this feature if the input data set does not already contain a valid time ID variable.


is the time interval between observations (data frequency) in the current input data set. If the interval is not automatically filled in, you can type an interval name or select one from the pop-up list. For more information about intervals, see the section Time Series Data Sets, ID Variables, and Time Intervals.

View Series Graphically icon

opens the Time Series Viewer window to display plots of series in the current input data set.

View Data as a Table

opens a Viewtable window for browsing the selected input data set.

Develop Models

opens the Develop Models window to enable you to fit forecasting models to individual time series and choose the best models to use to produce the final forecasts of each series.

Fit Models Automatically

opens the Automatic Model Fitting window for applying the automatic model selection process to all series or to selected series in an input data set.

Produce Forecast

opens the Produce Forecasts window for producing forecasts for the series in the current input data set for which you have fit forecasting models.

Manage Projects

opens the Manage Forecasting Project window for viewing or editing information stored in projects.


closes the Time Series Forecasting system.


accesses the help system.

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