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Window Reference

Time ID Variable Specification Window

Use the Time ID Variable Specification window to specify a variable in the input data set that contains the SAS date or datetime value of each observation. You do not need to use this window if your time ID variable is named date, time, or datetime, since these are picked up automatically. Invoke the window from the Select button to the right of the Time ID field in the Data Set Selection, Automatic Model Fitting, Produce Forecasts, Series Selection, and Time Series Forecasting windows.


Controls and Fields

Data Set

is the name of the current input data set.

Time ID

is the name of the currently selected Time ID variable, if any.


is the time interval between observations (data frequency) in the input data set.

Select a Time ID Variable

is a selection list of variables in the input set. Select one variable to assign it as the Time ID variable.


closes the window and retains the selection made, if it is a valid time ID.


closes the window and ignores any selection made.


restores the time ID variable to the one assigned when the window was initially opened, if any.

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