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Window Reference

Time ID Creation – 1,2,3 Window

Use the Time ID Creation – 1,2,3 window to add a time ID variable to an input data set with observation numbers as the ID values. The interval for the series will be 1. Use this approach if the data frequency does not match any of the system’s date or date-time intervals, or if other methods of assigning a time ID do not work. To access this window, select "Create from observation numbers" from the Create pop-up list in any window where you can select a Time ID variable. For more information, see Chapter 4, Date Intervals, Formats, and Functions, in this book.


Controls and Fields

Data set name

is the name of the input data set.

New ID variable name

is the name of the time ID variable to be created. You can type any valid SAS variable name in this field.


closes the window and proceeds to the next step in the time ID creation process.


closes the window without creating a Time ID variable. Any options you specified are lost.

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