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Window Reference

Interventions for Series Window

Use the Interventions for Series window to create and edit a list of intervention effects to model the impact on the series of unusual events and to select intervention effects as predictors for forecasting models. Access it from the Add button pop-up menu of the ARIMA Model Specification or Custom Model Specification window, or by selecting Define Interventions from the Tools in the Develop Models window. For more information, see the section Interventions.


Controls and Fields


is the name and variable label of the current series.


closes the window. If you access this window from the ARIMA Model Specification window or the Custom Model Specification window, any interventions that are selected (highlighted) in the list are added to the model. If you access this window from the Tools menu, all interventions in the list are saved for the current series.


closes the window without returning a selection or changing the interventions list. Any options you specified are lost.


resets the list as it was on entry to the window.


deletes all interventions from the list.


opens the Intervention Specification window to specify a new intervention effect and add it to the list.


deletes the currently selected (highlighted) entries from the list.


opens the Intervention Specification window to edit the currently selected (highlighted) intervention.

Mouse Button Actions

To select or deselect interventions, position the mouse cursor over the intervention’s label in the Interventions list and press the left mouse button.

When you position the mouse cursor in the Interventions list and press the right mouse button, a menu containing the actions Add, Delete, and Edit appears. These actions are the same as the Add, Delete, and Edit buttons.

Double-clicking on an intervention in the list invokes an Edit action for that intervention specification.

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