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Window Reference

Forecast Options Window

Use the Forecast Options window to set options to control how forecasts and confidence limits are computed. It is available from the Forecast Options item in the Options menu of the Develop Models window, Automatic Model Fitting window, Produce Forecasts, and Manage Projects windows.


Controls and Fields

Confidence Limits

specifies the size of the confidence limits for the forecast values. For example, a value of 0.95 specifies 95% confidence intervals. You can type in a number or select from the pop-up list.

Predictions for transformed models

controls how forecast values are computed for models that employ a series transformation. See the section Predictions for Transformed Models in Chapter 44, Forecasting Process Details, for more information. The values are as follows.


specifies that forecast values be predictions of the conditional mean of the series.


specifies that forecast values be predictions of the conditional median of the series.


closes the window and saves the option settings you specified.


closes the window without changing the forecast options. Any options you specified are lost.

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