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Window Reference

Differencing Specification Window

Use the Differencing Specification window to specify the list of differencing lags d=(lag, ..., lag) in a factored ARIMA model. To specify a first difference, add the value 1 (d=(1)). To specify a second difference (difference twice at lag 1), add the value 1 again (d=(1,1)). For first differencing at lags 1 and 12, use the values 1 and 12 (d=(1,12)).


Controls and Fields


specifies a lag value to add to the list. Type in a positive integer or select one by clicking the spin box arrows. Duplicates are allowed.


adds the value in the Lag spin box to the list of differencing lags.


deletes a selected lag from the list of differencing lags.


closes the window and returns the specified list to the Factored ARIMA Model Specification window.


closes the window and discards any lags added to the list.

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