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Command Reference

TSVIEW Command and Macro

The TSVIEW command invokes the Time Series Viewer. This is a component of the Time Series Forecasting System that can also be used as a standalone graphical viewer for any time series data set or view. See the section "Time Series Viewer Window" in Chapter 43, Window Reference, for more information.

The TSVIEW command must be specified from the command line or an SCL program. If you need to submit from the program editor, use the %TSVIEW macro instead. You can use the macro within a data step program, but you must submit it within the SAS windowing environment.

If the TSVIEW command or %TSVIEW macro is issued without arguments, the Series Selection window appears to enable you to select an input data set and series. This is equivalent to selecting "Time Series Viewer" from the Analysis submenu of the Solutions menu. By specifying the DATA= and VAR= arguments, you can bring up the Time Series Viewer window directly. The ID= and INTERVAL= arguments are useful when the system cannot determine them automatically from the data.

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