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The SASEHAVR Interface Engine

Reading and Converting HAVER DLX Time Series

The SASEHAVR engine supports reading and converting time series stored in HAVER DLX databases. The SASEHAVR engine enables you to limit the range of data with the START= and END= libname options. Start dates and end dates are recommended on the libname statement to help you save resources when processing large databases or when processing a large number of observations.

The SASEHAVR engine enables you to convert or aggregate all selected time series to a desired frequency. By default, SASEHAVR selects the time series variables that match the frequency of the first selected variable. To select variables of one specific frequency, use the FREQ= option. If no selection criteria are specified, the first selected variable is the first physical DLXRecord read from the HAVER database. To force aggregation of all selected variables to the frequency specified by the FREQ= option, the FORCE= FREQ option can be used. Aggregation is only supported from a more frequent time interval to a less frequent time interval, such as from weekly to monthly. If a conversion to a more frequent frequency is attempted, all missing values are returned by the HAVER DLX API (application programming interface). See Aggregating to Quarterly Frequency Using the FORCE= FREQ Option. The FORCE= option is ignored if the FREQ= option is not specified.

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