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The SASEHAVR Interface Engine

Overview: SASEHAVR Interface Engine

The SASEHAVR interface engine is a seamless interface between HAVER and SAS data processing that enables SAS users to read economic and financial time series data residing in a HAVER ANALYTICS DLX (Data Link Express) database. The HAVER ANALYTICS DLX economic and financial database offerings include United States Economic Indicators, Specialized Databases, Financial Indicators, Industry, Industrial Countries, Emerging Markets, International Organizations, Forecasts and As Reported Data, and United States Regional. For more details, see Data Elements Reference: SASEHAVR Interface Engine.

The SASEHAVR engine uses the LIBNAME statement to enable you to specify how you would like to subset your HAVER data and how you would like to aggregate the selected time series to the same frequency. The SAS DATA step can then be used to perform further subsetting and to store the resulting time series into a SAS data set. You can perform more analysis if desired either in the same SAS session or in another session at a later time.

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