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The SASEFAME Interface Engine

Creating Views of Time Series Using SASEFAME LIBNAME Options

You can perform selection based on names of your time series simply by using FAME wildcard specifications in your SASEFAME WILDCARD= option.

You can limit the time span of time series data by specifying a begin and end date range in your SASEFAME RANGE= option.

It is also easy to use the SAS input data set INSET= option to create a specific view of your FAME data. Multiple views can be created by using multiple LIBNAME statements with customized options tailored to the unique view that you want to create.

The INSET variables define the BY variables that enable you to view cross sections or slices of your data. When used in conjunction with the WHERE clause and the CROSSLIST= option, SASEFAME can show any or all of your BY groups in the same view or in multiple views. The INSET= option is invalid without a WHERE clause specifying the BY variables you want to use in your view, and it must be used with the CROSSLIST= option, as shown in Example 34.10. The CROSSLIST= option can be used without using the INSET= option as shown in Example 34.8 and Example 34.9.

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