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The SASEFAME Interface Engine

Overview: SASEFAME Interface Engine

The SASEFAME interface engine enables SAS users to access and process time series, case series, and formulas residing in a FAME database, and provides a seamless interface between FAME and SAS data processing.

FAME (Financial Analytic Modeling Environment) is an integrated, front-to-back market data and historical database solution for storing and managing real-time and high-volume time series data that is used by leading institutions in the financial, energy, and public sectors, as well as third-party content aggregators, software vendors, and individual investors. FAME provides real-time market data feeds, a Web-based desktop solution, application hosting, data delivery components, and tools for performing analytic modeling.

The SASEFAME engine uses the LIBNAME statement to enable you to specify which time series you would like to read from the FAME database, and how you would like to convert the selected time series to the same time scale. The SAS DATA step can then be used to perform further subsetting and to store the resulting time series in a SAS data set. You can perform more analysis if desired either in the same SAS session or in another session at a later time.

SASEFAME for SAS 8.2 supports Windows, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX hosts.

SASEFAME for SAS 9.2 supports Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux, Linux Opteron, and HP-UX hosts.

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