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The SASECRSP Interface Engine

Using Your Opened Database

Once the LIBNAME is assigned, the database is opened. You can retrieve data for any member you want in the opened database. For a complete description of available data sets and their fields, see the section Data Elements Reference: SASECRSP Interface Engine. You can also use the SAS DATA Step to perform further subsetting and to store the resulting time series in a SAS data set. Since CRSP and SAS use three different date representations, you can make use of the engine-provided CRSP date formats, informats, and functions for your data processing needs. See the section Understanding CRSP Date Formats, Informats, and Functions, as well as Example 33.6 later in this chapter for more information about dates with SASECRSP.

SASECRSP for SAS 9.2 supports Linux, Solaris (SUNOS5.9), and Windows.

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