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The PANEL Procedure

The OUTTRANS= Data Set

PROC PANEL writes the transformed series to an output data set. That is, if the user selects FIXONE, FIXONETIME, or RANONE and supplies the OUTTRANS = option, the transformed dependent variable and independent variables are written out to a SAS data set; other variables in the input data set are copied unchanged.

Say that your data set contains variables y, x1, x2, x3, and z2. The following statements result in a SAS data set with several characteristics:

   proc panel data=datain outtrans=dataout;
      id cs ts;
      model y = x1 x2 x3 / fixone;

First, z2 is copied over. Then y, x1, x2, and x3, are replaced with their mean deviates (from cross sectional). Furthermore, two new variables are created.


is the model’s label (if it exists).


is the model’s transformation type. In the FIXONE case, this is _FIXONE_ or _FIXONET_. If the model RANONE model is selected, the _TRTYPE_ variable is either _Ran1FB_, _Ran1WK_, _Ran1WH_ or _Ran1NL_ depending on the variance component estimators chosen.

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