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The MDC Procedure

OUTEST= Data Set

The OUTEST= data set contains all the parameters estimated in a MODEL statement. The OUTEST= option can be used when the PROC MDC call contains one MODEL statement. There are additional restrictions. For the HEV and multinomial probit models, you need to specify exactly all possible elements of the choice set, since additional parameters (e.g., SCALE1 or STD1) are generated automatically in the MDC procedure. Therefore, the following SAS statements are not valid when the OUTEST= option is given:

   proc mdc data=a outest=e;
      model y = x / type=hev choice=(alter);

You need to specify all possible choices in the CHOICE= option since the OUTEST= option is specified:

   proc mdc data=a outest=e;
      model y = x / type=hev choice=(alter 1 2 3);

When the NCHOICE= option is given, no additional information about possible choices is required. Therefore, the following are correct SAS statements:

   proc mdc data=a outest=e;
      model y = x / type=mprobit nchoice=3;

The nested logit model does not produce the OUTEST= data set unless the NEST statement is specified.

Each parameter contains the estimate for the corresponding parameter in the corresponding model. In addition, the OUTEST= data set contains the following variables:


the name of the dependent variable


the estimation method


the label of the MODEL statement if one is given, or blank otherwise


a character variable indicating whether the optimization process reached convergence or failed to converge; 0 indicates that the convergence was reached, 1 indicates that the maximum number of iterations allowed was exceeded, 2 indicates a failure to improve the function value, and 3 indicates a failure to converge because objective function or its derivatives could not be evaluated, or improved, or linear constraints were dependent, or the algorithm failed to return to feasible region, or the number of iterations was greater than prespecified.


the name of the row of the covariance matrix for the parameter estimate, if the COVOUT option is specified, or blank otherwise


the log-likelihood value


standard error of the parameter estimate, if the COVOUT option is specified


PARMS for observations containing parameter estimates, or COV for observations containing covariance matrix elements

The OUTEST= data set contains one observation for the MODEL statement giving the parameter estimates for that model. If the COVOUT option is specified, the OUTEST= data set includes additional observations for the MODEL statement giving the rows of the covariance matrix of parameter estimates. For covariance observations, the value of the _TYPE_ variable is COV, and the _NAME_ variable identifies the parameter associated with that row of the covariance matrix.

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