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SAS Stat Studio

SAS Stat Studio is a highly interactive tool for data exploration and analysis. Stat Studio runs on a PC in the Microsoft Windows operating environment. You can use Stat Studio to do the following:

  • explore data through graphs linked across multiple windows

  • transform data

  • subset data

  • analyze univariate distributions

  • discover structure and features in multivariate data

  • fit and evaluate explanatory models

  • create your own customized statistical graphics

  • add legends, curves, maps, or other custom features to statistical graphics

  • develop interactive programs that use dialog boxes

  • extend the built-in analyses by calling SAS procedures

  • create custom analyses

  • repeat an analysis on different data

  • extend the results of SAS procedures by using IML

  • share analyses with colleagues who also use Stat Studio

  • call functions from libraries written in C/C++, FORTRAN, or Java

See Stat Studio for SAS/STAT Users for more information.

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