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Spreadsheet Calculations and Financial Report Generation

The COMPUTAB procedure generates tabular reports using a programmable data table.

The COMPUTAB procedure is especially useful when you need both the power of a programmable spreadsheet and a report-generation system and you want to set up a program to run in batch mode and generate routine reports. The COMPUTAB procedure includes the following features:

  • report generation facility for creating tabular reports such as income statements, balance sheets, and other row and column reports for analyzing business or time series data

  • ability to tailor report format to almost any desired specification

  • use of the SAS programming language to provide complete control of the calculation and format of each item of the report

  • ability to report definition in terms of a data table on which programming statements operate

  • ability for a single reference to a row or column to bring the entire row or column into a calculation

  • ability to create new rows and columns (such as totals, subtotals, and ratios) with a single programming statement

  • access to individual table values when needed

  • built-in features to provide consolidation reports over summarization variables

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