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Trend and Seasonal Analysis on Transaction Databases

The TIMESERIES procedure can accumulate transactional data to time series and perform trend and seasonal analysis on the accumulated time series.

Time series analyses performed by the TIMESERIES procedure include the follows:

  • descriptive statistics relevant for time series data

  • seasonal decomposition and seasonal adjustment analysis

  • correlation analysis

  • cross-correlation analysis

The TIMESERIES procedure includes the following features:

  • ability to process large amounts of time-stamped transactional data

  • statistical methods useful for large-scale time series analysis or (temporal) data mining

  • output data sets stored in either a time series format (default) or a coordinate format (transposed)

The TIMESERIES procedure is normally used to prepare data for subsequent analysis that uses other SAS/ETS procedures or other parts of the SAS system. The time series format is most useful when the data are to be analyzed with SAS/ETS procedures. The coordinate format is most useful when the data are to be analyzed with SAS/STAT® procedures or SAS Enterprise Miner. (For example, clustering time-stamped transactional data can be achieved by using the results of TIMESERIES procedure with the clustering procedures of SAS/STAT and the nodes of SAS Enterprise Miner.)

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