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The DATASOURCE Procedure

Haver Analytics Data Files

Haver Analytics offers a broad range of economic, financial, and industrial data for the United States and other countries. See "The SASEHAVR Interface Engine" in Chapter 35, The SASEHAVR Interface Engine, for information about accessing your HAVER DLX database. SASEHAVR is supported on most Windows environments. Use the DATASOURCE procedure for serial access of your data. The format of Haver Analytics data files is similar to the CITIBASE/DRIBASIC formats.

FILETYPE=HAVER–Haver Analytics Data Files HAVERO–Old Format Haver Files

Table 11.26 FILETYPE=HAVER–Haver Analytics Data Files Format

Metadata Field Types

Metadata Fields

Metadata Labels

Data Files

Database is stored in a single file.



Series Variables

Variable names are taken from the series descriptor records in the data file. NOTE: HAVER filetype reports the UPDATE and SOURCE in the OUTCONT= data set, while HAVERO does not.

Missing Codes


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