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Credits and Acknowledgments


Hundreds of people have helped the SAS System in many ways since its inception. The following individuals have been especially helpful in the development of the procedures in SAS/ETS software. Acknowledgments for the SAS System generally appear in Base SAS®software documentation and SAS/ETS software documentation.

David Amick


Idaho Office of Highway Safety

David M. DeLong


Duke University

David Dickey


North Carolina State University

Douglas J. Drummond


Center for Survey Statistics

William Fortney


Boeing Computer Services

Wayne Fuller


Iowa State University

A. Ronald Gallant


The University North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Phil Hanser


Sacramento Municipal Utilities District

Marvin Jochimsen


Mississippi R&O Center

Jeff Kaplan


Sun Guard

Ken Kraus


Center for Research in Security Prices

George McCollister


San Diego Gas & Electric

Douglas Miller


Purdue University

Brian Monsell


U.S. Census Bureau

Robert Parks


Washington University

Gregory Sali


Idaho Office of Highway Safety

Bob Spatz


Center for Research in Security Prices

Mary Young


Salt River Project

The final responsibility for the SAS System lies with SAS Institute alone. We hope that you will always let us know your opinions about the SAS System and its documentation. It is through your participation that SAS software is continuously improved.

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