Displaying Run-Time Statistics in SAS Job Monitor


SAS Job Monitor is an optional component of SAS Environment Manager. SAS Environment Manager is a web-based monitoring solution for a SAS environment. SAS Job Monitor reads job logs at specified locations and displays run-time statistics from the logs. If your site has met the prerequisites in the following section, and you can access the SAS Environment Manager, then you can select Analyzethen selectSAS Job Monitor to display run-time statistics for SAS Data Integration Studio data jobs.

Prerequisites for Monitoring Jobs in SAS Job Monitor

Your site must license SAS Environment Manager and SAS Job Monitor.
Both Run-time Statistics and Table Statistics must be turned on for those SAS Data Integration Studio jobs that you want to monitor in SAS Job Monitor. For more information about this task, see Meeting Prerequisites for Collecting Job Statistics.
SAS Job Monitor must be configured to access the logs for SAS Data Integration Studio. For more information, see the following topics in the Help for SAS Job Monitor:
  • "Adding Servers for Job Monitoring"
  • "Configuring a Server"
  • "SAS Data Integration Studio"
Note: The agent for SAS Job Monitor expects the log files to be written in UTF-8 encoding. If the log file is written in a different encoding, then SAS Job Monitor is unable to read the log unless you changed some default options.
These options are described in the topic "SAS Data Integration Studio" in the Help for SAS Job Monitor. For example, suppose that you execute a job on a server, and the server's locale setting results in a job log that is not in UTF-8. You must update some default options for SAS Job Monitor, or it might not be able to read the log. This situation is most likely to occur for locales that do not use the Western European encoding.
Last updated: January 16, 2018