Checkouts Tree

The Checkouts tree is one of the tree views in the left panel of the desktop. This tree is displayed automatically when you are working under change management in SAS Data Integration Studio. Under change management, most users are restricted from adding or updating the metadata in a change-managed folder in the Folders tree. Authorized users, however, can add new metadata objects and check them in to the change-managed folder. They can also check out metadata objects from the change-managed folder in order to update them. The objects are locked so that no one else can update them as long as the objects are checked out. When the users are ready, they check the objects in to the change-managed folder, and the lock is released.
If you are authorized to work in a change-managed folder, a Checkouts tree is added to your desktop in SAS Data Integration Studio. The following display shows a sample Checkouts tree.
Sample Checkouts Tree
Sample Checkouts Tree
Metadata that has been checked out for update has a check mark beside it, such as the first two objects in the preceding display. New metadata objects that have never been checked in do not have a check mark beside them, such as the last two objects in the preceding display. For more information about change management, see Working with Change Management.
Last updated: January 16, 2018