What's New in SAS Data Integration Studio 4.9


The main enhancements and changes for SAS Data Integration Studio 4.9 include the following:
  • There is a new source designer wizard for Cloudera Impala.
  • High Performance Analytics Transformations are now production.
  • Enterprise Decision Management transformation is now production.
  • Support was added for SAS Lineage.
  • Code generation supports credential lookup for DataFlux Authentication Servers.
  • SAS package wizards have better support for DataFlux Data Management Servers.

New Source Designer Wizard for Cloudera Impala

Source designer wizards enable you to register tables on the SAS Metadata Server. Registered tables are available to SAS applications that use the metadata server. A new source designer enables you to register tables in a Cloudera Impala environment. Cloudera Impala provides high-performance, low-latency SQL queries on data stored in popular Apache Hadoop file formats.

High Performance Analytics Transformations Are Now Production

The Transformations tree in SAS Data Integration Studio includes a High Performance Analytics folder. The transformations in this folder enable you to load and unload SASHDAT tables in a Hadoop cluster or a SAS LASR Analytic Server. For more information about the High Performance Analytics transformations, see the relevant topics in Working with Hadoop and SAS LASR Analytic Server.

Enterprise Decision Management Transformation Is Now Production

The Enterprise Decision Management transformation is now production. It incorporates SAS Decision Manager flows into jobs. The transformation maps physical data to decision flows. The results tables produce decision-making results from the mapped input data. For an example of how this transformation can be used, see Generating Enterprise Decision Management Output.

Support Added for SAS Lineage

If the SAS Lineage web client is available on your network, you can use it to display lineage for tables and external files that are used in SAS Data Integration Studio. For more information, see Using SAS Lineage.
This feature will be available in October 2014.

Code Generation Supports Credential Lookup for DataFlux Authentication Servers

By default, code generated by SAS Data Integration Studio do not contain user names and passwords for data connections. The user name and password are looked up at run time, using authentication domains that have been defined for the authenticating server (SAS Metadata Server or DataFlux Authentication Server). In the past, this feature was limited to SAS Metadata Servers.

SAS Package Wizards Have Better Support for DataFlux Data Management Server

If you export and import jobs that contain DataFlux Batch Job transformations or DataFlux Data Service transformations, you are now prompted to select the DataFlux Data Management Server for the target environment. In earlier releases, you had to make this change after importing the job.