About Metadata Reports

The reports feature in SAS Data Integration Studio can be used to generate reports. You can generate reports to review the metadata for tables and jobs in a convenient format. You can generate your own reports by creating a Java report plug-in. For more information about generating your own reports see Creating Your Own Report.
Reports enable you to:
  • find information about a table or job quickly
  • compare information between different tables or jobs
  • obtain a single file that contains summary information of all tables or jobs in HTML, RTF, or PDF format
  • perform custom behaviors that are defined by user-created plug-in SAS code, Java code, or both
You can access reports in SAS Data Integration Studio using document objects. You can save the physical path to a report as a document object, and access that document object in the Folders tree or the Inventory tree on the SAS Data Integration Studio desktop. For more information about accessing reports with document objects see Saving a Report As a Document Object.