Details Pane

The Details pane enables you to monitor and debug a job in the Job Editor window. To display this pane, click Details in the Job Editor window toolbar or select Viewthen selectDetails from the desktop. The following display shows the Status tab in a typical Details pane.
Sample Details Pane
Sample Details Pane
The tabs on this pane are described in the following table.
Details Pane Tabs
Used to display the status of each step in a submitted job.
Warnings and Errors
Used to display any warnings and errors that are generated when a job is submitted.
Used to display run-time and table statistics that are generated by a submitted job. Includes tabular and graphical displays.
Control Flow
Used to display the control flow sequence of steps in a job. Also enables you to validate the control flow and change the sequence of steps.
Used to review and update columns in a table or external file in a job.
Used to review and update mappings for transformations in a job.
The Status, Warnings and Errors, Statistics, and Control tabs are displayed whenever the Details pane is enabled for an opened job. The Columns tab is displayed when a table or external file in a job is selected. The Mappings tab is displayed when a transformation is selected.