Specifying Options for a Transformation


You want to set options for a SAS Data Integration Studio transformation, such as SAS Sort, SQL Join, or Extract.


You can specify SAS system options, SAS statement options, or transformation-specific options on the Options tab or other tabs in the properties window for many transformations. Use this method to select these options when a particular transformation executes.


Perform the following steps to display the Options tab in the properties window for a transformation in a job:
  1. Open the job to display its process flow.
  2. Right-click the transformation and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the Options tab.
For a description of the available options for a particular transformation, see the Help for the Options tab or other tabs that enable you to specify options. If the Options tab includes a System Options field, you can specify options such as UBUFNO for the current transformation. Some transformations enable you to specify options that are specific to that transformation. For example, the Options tab for the Sort transformation has specific fields for sort size and sort sequence. It also has a PROC SORT Options field where you can specify sort-related options that are not otherwise surfaced in the interface. These options are described in Optimizing Sort Performance.