Using a Physical Table to Update Table Metadata


You want to ensure that the metadata for a table matches the physical table.


You can use the update table metadata feature. This feature compares the columns, keys and indexes in a physical table to the columns, keys, and indexes that are defined in the metadata for that table. If column, key or index metadata does not match the columns, keys, or indexes in the physical table, the metadata is updated to match the physical table.
For existing tables, the update table metadata feature adds new columns, keys and indexes, removes deleted columns, keys, and indexes, and records changes to all of the column, key, and index attributes. When you select and run this feature against one or more tables simultaneously, the update log lists which tables have been successfully updated and which have failed.
The update table metadata feature uses the following resources:
  • the current metadata server and the SAS Application Server to read the physical table
  • the current metadata server to update the metadata to match the physical table
Note: The update table metadata feature will not work on a table whose physical name includes a macro variable, such as &mstatus.OUT. The feature also cannot be used with Hadoop tables. For more information, see Update Table Metadata Cannot Be Used for Some Tables.


Run Update Table Metadata

Perform the following steps to run the update table metadata feature:
  1. Select one or more tables from a SAS Data Integration Studio tree. Then, right-click one of the tables and select Update Metadata in the pop-up menu. You might be prompted to supply a user name and password for the relevant servers.
  2. When the update is finished, you can choose to view the resulting SAS log.