Customizing the Job Documentation Report


You want to customize the generated Job Documentation Report.


You can specify how to customize the generated Job Documentation Report with the Additional report options button and the Report results pane in the Reports window.


Specify Job Report Options

Perform the following steps to specify job report options.
  1. Open the Reports window in SAS Data Integration Studio.
  2. Click on the Job Documentation Report so that it is highlighted. If you do not see a job report, make sure the perspective is set to All or Job in the drop-down menu in the Show field.
  3. Click Additional report options at the top of the Reports window. After you click the Additional report options button, the following Job Documentation Report Options dialog box opens.
    Job Documentation Report Options Dialog Box
    Job Report Options Dialog Box
    The default settings for a job documentation report use the default HTML page, index.html, and include all tables. To specify a different template for your job documentation report, deselect the Use default HTML template check box, and enter the path to another template in the text box. Alternatively, click Browse to search for a template. Deselect the Include all tables check box to include only those tables that have been registered in the Folders tree on the SAS Data Integration Studio desktop.
  4. Click OK to save your job documentation report options, or click Cancel to keep the default job documentation report options.