About Deploying Jobs as Web Services

A Web service is an interface that enables communication between distributed applications, even if the applications are written in different programming languages or are running on different operating systems.
After a SAS Data Integration Studio job has been deployed as a stored process, you can select the stored process in the Inventory tree or the Folders tree and deploy it as a Web service. Code is generated for the Web service and the code is saved to a file in a source repository. Metadata about the Web service is saved to the current metadata server. The Web service can be executed as required by a Web service client.
To deploy a job as a Web service, perform the following tasks:
After the job has been deployed, the user responsible for executing the deployed job can use the appropriate Web service client to access and execute the job. Before deploying a job as a Web service, you might want to review the general prerequisites that are described in Prerequisites for Web Service Jobs and the specific requirements that are described in Requirements for Web Service Jobs.