Code Editor

The Code Editor is a window that you can use to develop and execute SAS code. For example, you can use the Code Editor window to develop and verify user-written code, and then you can use that code to replace the generated code for a job or a transformation. The following display shows the Code Editor window.
Code Editor Window
Code Editor Window
Note that the window contains Code, Log, and Output tabs.
To display the Code Editor window, select Tools then selectCode Editor from the desktop. To submit code for execution, click Run on the Code Editor toolbar. Alternatively, you can select Actionsthen selectRun from the desktop. To display Help for the Code Editor, press the F1 key. To customize the appearance and behavior of the Code Editor, select Toolsthen selectOptions from the desktop and click the Code Editor tab.
Any options that you specify for the Code Editor window affect the Code tab in the Job Editor as well.