Comparing Versions


You want to compare a selected object to another archive or object.


You can use the compare to function in the Archived SAS Packages window.


Use the compare function to compare a selected object to another archive or object.
Perform the following steps:
  1. Right-click the first archive that you want to compare. For example, you can select the Extract5 archive.
  2. Navigate through the folder hierarchy in the Package Contents pane until you see the root object for the archive that you just selected. Then, select the object (the Extract county data job in this case).
  3. Click the Compare To button, which enables you compare two objects that share the same metadata ID.
  4. Add the path to the second object in the comparison to the Compare To window. For example, you can enter the Extract4 archive in the Other archive field. (The Browse button enables you to select from a list of all of the archives associated with the Extract county data job).
  5. Click OK to create and review the comparison.
    The comparison is shown in the following display:
    Compare Window
    Compare Window
    Note that the name, author, and date of the archives are listed above the comparison. You can also see that the differences between the selected archives are clearly highlighted.
  6. Click Close to return to the Archived SAS Packages window.