Adding a Column to the Target Table


You want to add a column to the target table for an SQL query that is used in a SAS Data Integration Studio job.


You can use the Columns tab on the properties window for the target table to add a column to the target table. (You can also add a column in the Select tab. To perform this task, right-click in the Target table field and click New Column in the pop-up menu.)


Add a Column with the Columns Tab for the Target Table

Perform the following steps to add a column to the target table:
  1. Right-click the target table in the Navigation pane. Then, open the Columns tab in its properties window.
  2. Click New column to add a row to the list of columns.
  3. Enter the column name in the Column field of the new row.
  4. Click the drop-down menu in the Type field. Then, click either Character or Numeric.
  5. Review the other columns in the new row to ensure that they contain appropriate values. Make any needed changes.
  6. Click OK to save the new column and close the properties window.